The process of development refers to the background structure, the unseen but crucial underpinnings of a website. Without this aspect, that contact form you have people submit won’t function properly, your menus will redirect to strange places, and the site might be slower than an old dial-up connection.

What is the difference between design and development? Below are the four aspects of development that are the main focus, although not all-encompassing, for Sunleaf Web.


phoneMobile devices such as cell phones and tablets can create unique issues with the layout of your website. If your web page is not built with responsiveness and flexibility in mind, it may look bad to some of your visitors. That is a problem seeing as more and more, people are using their mobile devices to brows the web and do business.
When developing your site, the code has to be able to handle the re-sizing of a small screen. Responsiveness is not only screen size but things like scrolling smoothly, loading efficiently, and reacting to user interaction. All of these things is in consideration when customizing your site.

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speeWaiting for a webpage to load is no fun. Google thinks it is no fun having to wait either. Search results have to be displayed in fractions of a second and the length of time that it takes your website to load is now factored in their search results. In other words, Google is now looking at just how fast your site loads and using that as an indication of a page’s quality in search results.
Sunleaf has a similar perspective. We take a look at how quickly pages loads and how quickly different functions are carried out.  Slow loading pages test people’s patience, and in an instant results world, slow loading times may drive visitors away from your site. We will make sure that does not happen with your website.

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stableYou want your website to be stable, there is no point in having a fancy calendar or social media integration if it is always broken. Sunleaf uses a content management system (CMS) that allows us to have an extra level of stability checks when it come to your website. Our CMS allows us to quickly make changes and check the outcome of those changes and make further adjustments if needed. That means that if something does happen to go wrong the reaction time is quick, leaving your site operational and working as intended for as long as possible. In addition to these features, you can have us host your website for you further adding to the stability and reliability of your site. 

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securityThe internet can be a tricky place to navigate and stay safe. There is no end to the number of harmful and malicious attacks that happen on the web. Sunleaf is dedicated to protecting you, and your website’s visitors, by offering various levels of security protocols. If your website will be a point of collection for personal information we suggest purchasing an SSL certificate for your site. It is an extra layer of security that, in its most recognizable form, places the green lock in the browser bar to signify a secure site. More than likely if you have a business that sells things online, you already have an SSL certificate.
Because your privacy and security is important to Sunleaf, our entire site is protected with SSL. This ensures that should you chose to contact us with a request, your information is in secure hands.

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